Service Manager console language


When changing the default incident Tier Queues (Tier1, Tier2, Tier3) to a different name trough the console in English the other language “incident tier queue list item” wont update.

The issue is that users with a Console installed on a system installed with a non-English language will show the default settings. (ex: nld: laag 1 )

So I changed my practices to delete the primary Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 list items and just create new ones for the custom Tier queues the customer requires.

But if you still want to change the Tier Queues in other languages you can edit the management pack file (XML) and update the language settings in the languagepacks section of the XML File. ‘ServiceManager.IncidentManagement.Configuration.xml’

You first need to export the XML file. Then edit the XML file and then reimport the management pack XML file.


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