SCA Advanced Client Deployment SCCM 2007

Deploy System Center Advisor

The System Center Advisor environment consists of a web service and on-premise software (a gateway to communicate with the service, and one or more agents to collect and analyze data). Perform the following steps to deploy Advisor in your environment:

  1. Review the System Center Advisor System Requirements.
  2. Read the Planning Considerations for System Center Advisor to build a topology that matches your environment. If you have a firewall in your environment, review the Firewall Information for System Center Advisor.
  3. Create an Account and Download the On-Premise Softwareand download the gateway and agent setup wizard.
  4. Install the gateway and agent. Use one of the following methods:
  5. Register a gateway(if this did not occur during gateway installation).
  6. Authorize Agents to Access the Gatewayif you choose to limit access to the gateway during gateway installation.
  7. Configure the Gateway and Agent. (Optional)
  8. If you run into any issues, review Advisor Deployment Troubleshooting.

I completed the first 3 steps.

I was wondering how I could speed up the agent deployment to the whole environment. We have configuration Manager 2007. The SCA documentation states we can install the agent using command line.

Lets deploy the SCA On-Premise software Using SCCM 2007.

  1. Create a configuration Manager Package.
    The data source contains the on-Premise software.
    The Certificate is stored on a network Share: \share\RegistrationCert.pfx”>\\<server>\share\RegistrationCert.pfximage
  2. Do not forget to copy the package to your distribution points.
  3. Create packages
    1. Install Advisor Agent Silent No Reboot

    Install SCA Agent silent no reboot with installation logs in c:\temp\advisorLog.txt using <Gatewayserver FQDN> as gateway.

    Command Line:
    AdvisorSetup.exe “/l*v c:\temp\AdvisorLog.txt /qn INSTALL_AGENT=YES GATEWAY_SERVER=<SERVER FQDN>”


  5. Install Gateway Agent Silent No reboot

    Install SCA gateway silent no reboot with installation logs in c:\temp\advisorLog.txt. Certificate is placed on a dedicated share.

    Command Line:
    AdvisorSetup.exe “/l*v c:\temp\AdvisorLog.txt /qn INSTALL_GATEWAY=YES REG_CERT_PATH=\\<file server\Advisor_sources\Certificates\RegistrationCert.pfx”


  • Create Advertisements to deploy the agent / Gateway
    I deployed the agent to scom1.vbox.local and the gateway to SCSM1.vbox.local
  • Open and check the servers page. All targeted servers should appear within 24 h.
  • All System Center Advisor Install parameters

    System Center Advisor Usage

    C:\> AdvisorSetup.exe /?

    Installs System Center Advisor.

    AdvisorSetup.exe [MSIstring=] [/?]

    MSIstring= A string of MSI installation parameters, enclosed in quotes. This string can include standard MSI parameters, such as /qb as well as custom properties specific to Advisor. For standard MSI parameters, type MSIexec.exe /? You can specify the following custom installation parameters for Advisor by setting [PROPERTY=value].

    • INSTALL_AGENT Indicates whether to install the agent. Value can be either YES or NO.
    • INSTALL_GATEWAY Indicates whether to install the gateway. Value can be either YES or NO.
    • INSTALL_LOCATION A string that identifies the installation directory. If no directory is specified, the default is %programfiles%\System Center Advisor.
    • REG_CERT_PATH A string that identifies the directory where the registration certificate is located.
    • PROXY_SERVER A string that identifies the DNS name for the proxy server the gateway should use to access the Internet. If you specify this parameter, you must also specify the PROXY_PORT.
    • PROXY_PORT An integer that identifies the port for the proxy server. If you specify this parameter, you must also specify the
    • GATEWAY_SERVER A string that identifies the DNS name of the gateway server that the agent will use.
    • DO_NOT_REGISTER Instructs setup to skip registration of the gateway. Value can be either YES or NO.
    • SECURE_AGENT_ACCESS Determines whether to restrict access to the gateway to pre-authorized agents only. Value can be either YES or NO.

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